Where To Watch Movies And Impact Of It In Our Life

In today’s modern-day cinema, it has increased a lot of influence on our lives. Now every day new multiplexes, malls are opening, in which new films are shown every week. Not only multiplexes but also different types of apps has introduced now from where we can watch different types of movies totally free on your mobile phone. The best app to get all the movies you want is Mediabox HD.

Due to the availability of Internet technology and the introduction of new smartphones, every child, old or young, can watch movies on their mobile phones. Today we can watch movies on our TV, computer, laptop, phone. In this way, its influence has become even more widespread.

In the last 50 years, it has emerged as a powerful source of entertainment in the country. Now the cinema business in India is worth more than Rs 13800 crore every year. Lakhs of people are employed in this. The cinema industry of India comes second in the world after the US industry. It is being appreciated everywhere.

Advantages of Watching Movies:

  1. It provides instant entertainment. Watching cinema is the simplest means of other means of entertainment such as reading books, playing, walking, etc. We can overcome our mental exhaustion by watching a good film.
  2. We get to know about new places. The places where we are unable to go, we can see them sitting at home with the help of the cinema.
  3. It helps in raising awareness. Movies can help us aware of different things that can be very helpful to us.
  4. Movies represent different cultures and different problems in the world that we should know and solve.
  5. Through cinema, people can be made aware of making films on social evils like dowry, bribe, child marriage, corruption, the plight of farmers, casteism, untouchability, child labor, etc.
  6. By making a film on the lives of great men, people can inspire people to follow their own path.
  7. This is a big industry in which lakhs of people are employed. In this way cinema also provides employment opportunities.
  8. Through this, the promotion of education can be done easily.
  9. It is a good option to spend time.
  10. Information about cultures, religions, and societies of different countries is available.

There are 2 aspects to anything. If cinema has a good aspect, then there is a bad aspect as well. Therefore, filmmakers should make good cinema. Do not make films that will cause mental, moral and moral degradation of children and youth.

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