Now We Can Read Comics and Novels in iBooks

I  bet some of us are comic fan, now we can do many things with iPad easily, including enjoy digital comics. More and more publishers contribute their work to iPad so that readers can read them on line instead of downloading apps. At earlier time, we have to pay for those apps to read comics, now there is a more convenient and cheaper way we can take.


You guys probably ain’t unacquainted to iVerse. You are likely to have used it to read comic on iPhone. And the digital comic revolution continued to join the iPad. iVerse has announced their iPad app, this is not fresh news. Most of us have been through that And We’re very familiar with iVerse since they have a very nice iPhone app that lets you get and read digital comics on the go. Let’s just simply say like many of you out there, iVerse couldn’t resist bringing in their comics to your iPad. And the experience is a delightful one. iVerse has added some nice features to the iPad app. Features like Zoom and Preview images are available in your iPad app. The way you can navigate around different comic titles is very easy. The comic content comes from Marvel, Ape Entertainment, Archaia, BOOM etc. And with a universal app, your iPhone iVerse Comics App and the iPad iVerse Comics App are one and the same. So all your previous content purchases on the iPhone is available for you to download, at no additional cost, on your iPad. At that time, it satisfied many of us, but now it’s much easier, we don’t have to download any apps, we can read it on line.


IDW Publishing recently announced that is has added the largest collection of comic and graphic novels to Apple’s iBook store. Instead of downloading the app, searching the website for individual issues that will set you back at least $0.99 each, and having to manage your ever-growing collection of digital comics, you can now purchase digital “trade paperbacks” and store them right in your iBook app. This is the first time that a comic publisher has offered such a large quantity of digital comics or graphic novels in Apple’s native book reader. Adding graphic novels to the iBooks store could be a risky move by IDW, but it could pay off big. In a press release, the company’s director of ePublishing, Jeff Webber stated, “IDW’s graphic novel line is a perfect fit for iBooks.”


Webber likened the move to adding graphic novels to retail book stores, explaining that experienced comic readers know where to go to get digital comics, but offering a collection on iBooks will help unseasoned readers discover creators and titles as if they were browsing the major book stores. The company has released 20 titles, including Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library 1980-1981, The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures, True Blood Vol.1: All Together Now, Locke and Key Vol. 1-4 and many others. Graphic novels range in price from $5.99 to $9.99, which is approximately the same price as a graphic novel at your local comic shop, but you don’t have to face ridicule from the surly clerk as you browse.


Besides, DC Comics is a good choice for you too. We can compare those publishers to we can shoes the best one for us. It will certainly push publishers and developers to continue to raise the bar on digital comics, and hopefully even get creative with their own pricing schemes. And like I said before, we can do many things with iPad, so if you have more interests in movies or videos when you playing iPad, there is a bunch of apps can give you a choice, such as dvd to ipad converter and mac video to ipad, of course, another good option is playing games on iPad, so as you see, whether reading comic or watching videos or playing games, it’s all yours.

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