GBWhatsApp Apk Download For Android – No Root! 

WhatsApp is a popular social networking which is getting popular in the present seniors. The user of WhatsApp has been increasing and will be increasing which can be said by viewing its features. It is already known that YoWhatsApp only allow to have a single account to be used from its App. Today we will get to know about how to use dual WhatsApp account in your Android device. This can be done by installing one more WhatsApp App which is called as GBWhatsApp App. This is helpful if you have dual sim in your Smartphone or want to use two WhatsApp account from one device.

GBWhatsApp comes with a great interface and being a WhatsApp Mod it gives every feature that WhatsApp has. Well you will surely find it amazing to use and might even end by setting it as your first preferred messenger. It has a pretty amazing UI which is comfortable and enriched with abundant of features that helps you to customize the way you want the app to look. Moreover most of the users find it useful and pretty similar to WhatsApp that makes the app comfortable indeed.

Let me tell you about my experience with GBWhatsApp till date, that has been really wonderful and to be frank I use it most of the times. It might a new type of modded version of WhatsApp, but it retains every feature of the official application that makes it so comfortable to use.

Latest update have added few more features such as better voice calling and video calling feature which will soon be available to all.

GBWhatsApp Apk For Android – Free Download

This App give you exact replica of WhatsApp and let you use entire features provided. In this article we will let you know how to get GBWhatsApp installed the second WhatsApp App in Smartphone. The best part is you can enjoy your two WhatsApp account form one Smartphone and can easily swift between them without any issues. It reduces your effort to handle two Smartphone to use different WhatsApp account and instead give you one screen to handle them. Start reading the download guide to install GBWhatsApp on Smartphone and also its features to know more about this App.

Well GBWhatsApp might be a new messenger app but it sure worthy enough to try your hands over.

Features of GBWhatsApp Apk & How  Download

GBWhatsApp supports calls and view media without loading them.

The privacy options here are manageable as per the convenience.

It provide the ability to copy case and also counter statistics for your groups.

Easily change the notifications and program icon.

Customize the Dialog Display Screen to alter bubbles type and ticks model.

Translate GB to your languages and use Spanish Italian language too.

Also customize primary Display Header to vary menu and other buttons.

Alter missed calls icon and colour of calls from Calls Dials Screen.

Change the essential Display screen to alter typing… Shades and other

Fully Customize the GBWhatsApp with the options that you came up with

Well that was enough with the app features, let us get into the main download guide below.

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