Apple lost over $100,000 worth of iPhone 5 to theft in Japan

If you critically made a search, everybody will want to have the title of “the first iPhone 5 user” and that is why so many people made a pre-order early as soon as the iPhone 5 debut pre-order on September 14, Apple iPhone 5line became so full on many of its outlets in the 9 countries that first got the iPhone 5 on mart early on September 21.

In Japan, the story came out to be another thing as thieves broke into carrier store and won the title of “the first to get Apple iPhone 5″ on the day of the first shipping, they carted away iPhone 5 that worth over $100,000.

According to the news as The Wall Street journal reporting via Tech in Asia, Softbank and KDDI’s au were the major targets just few hours for the iPhone 5 to start selling. In different three incidents across Osaka, a total of 191 unit’s handsets were stolen. According to Police release, Softbank alone lost 116 units which were estimated to amount to 7.45 million Japanese Yen, i.e. ($95, 000).

The connection of the incidence is not yet certain, though the operation time were almost the same; the police are yet to find out if the theft were performed by the same gang.

The value attached to Apple’s products has made it victim for frequent thefts, a recent incidence involved an SUV BMW crashing through Apple store front in Temecula, California.

The burglary operation on Friday September 21 affected the iPhone 5 open sales but the expected bunch of sales will definitely make up for the unfortunate incidence. Within 24 hours of open pre-order, Apple had already gotten the payment of 2 million iPhone 5 pre-ordered by loyal and prospective Apple customers within 24 hours, and the company is suggesting that new orders will take up to 2-3 weeks before shipping.

A list of Nine countries were the first to lay their hands on the iPhone 5 immediately after sales kickoff on Friday, some analyzers were able to breakdown the iPhone 5 HD voice feature on the Telstra network in Australia, although the quality was better with the smartphone, but improve is inevitable.

The iFixit guys also got an early access to the iPhone 5, and after tearing it apart, they discovered that it is more repairable than the old iphone.

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