A new cross into the Digital TV reception

It has been reported that by this October, all UK TV will switch over into digital, the new digital TV reception is bringing in more channels that ever, quality HD pictures along with new great interactive functions. This process is dominating the entire old analogue TVs.

The digital TV reception switch over roll out is made by the UK Government region by region, and London has been on the reception since April. The UK Government will be raking in about £10bn simply by selling the analogue as they change to the digital TV reception. Free-viewers will benefit so much in this switch over as they will have more options in channel selections, PVR functions and the services of the red button.

The London Crystal Palace has been running broadcast for 56 years, and Deborah Bain, the Digital UK London manager mentioned that the digital TV reception switch over is the biggest ever. The London analogue channels were permanently shut down in April.

The post switchover to the digital TV receiver will feature Freeview HD as well as high definition production from Channel 4, BBC and ITV. Most of the HD channels are free and you need not to subscribe, the only expenses you have to make is the purchase of a new Freeview HD TV with DVB-T2 tuner or Freeview HD-support set-top box. Freeview HD signals can never be decoded by non HD Freeview tuners.

The new digital TV reception device has so much advantage over the old analogues; Apart from the large selection of channels, you will also enjoy digital radio without separating the DAB receiver, alongside with Digital Teletext/Ceefax.

What you need to do to start getting the digital TV reception

  • If you have got a Freeview or Freeview HD digibox or the ready TV with this facility, all you just need to do is to retune.
  • Subscribe a digital TV reception with SKY
  • Subscripe a digital TV reception cable with Virgin Media provided it is available in your area.
  • Get a Freesat antenna from Sky, this free to air satellite offers more than 200 free channels without a monthly subscription fee, but Sky will collect a sum of £175 from you for the digital satellite set-top box and installation.
  • You can also get a BBC and ITV Freesat to get a 150 free to air TV and radio channels via the digital TV reception satellite. A onetime payment of £80 installation fee and £50 for set-top box is required. The Freesat digital TV reception device also offers recording of programs you may find interesting, but that will cost you around £120.

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